About Me

My name is Adrian Cruz, i’m 22 years old and i study the 3 years bachelor program in Modern dance at Dance and Circus university in Stockholm.

I started dancing when i was 13 years old. I started in a group called M.A.D dance (So Mad) and danced dancehall, hip hop and house. When i turned 15 i started to study at Fryshuset gymnasium Dance education and they teached balett, modern and street. I graduated from Fryshusets gymnasium and began studying in Åsa folkhögskola street course (five styles, one year education). Directly after Åsa folkhögskola i started to studying modern dance at Dance and Circus University.

I left M.A.D Dance when i was 15 years old to focus more on the house dance style. The styles i focus now is Modern, House and Vogue Femme. I recently became a member of the international House of Prodigy which is a voguing ”crew”.